Juv062 : Milan, Pietro Martire Mantegazza, 1503

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David Shaw


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Juvenal, with the commentary of Joannes Britannicus

Milan (Italy): Pietro Martire Mantegazza, 1503
[No photographs available for this edition.]

Download full description (PDF): Juv062.pdf

Collation: : A6 a–g8 h10 k–m8 n6 o–q8 r–s6; 144 leaves; [6], [1] II–XLVIII xlix–lxxxxviiii C–CXXXVIII, misnumbering 55 as ‘xlix’, 56 as ‘lyi’, 57 as ‘lyii’, 58 as ‘lyiii’.

Edition sheets: 72.

Catchwords and signatures: no catchwords; .

Selected references: Panzer, vii, 380, 16; Ebert 11219; E. Sandal, Editori e tipografi a Milano nel Cinquecento (Baden-Baden: 1981) no. 447 (citing Panzer); EDIT16 45093; USTC 762433

Copies seen: Bologna: Archiginnasio

Other copies recorded: Augsburg: Staats- und Stadtbibliothek; Bologna: Archiginnasio; Como: BCom; Cremona: BStatale; Deventer: SB; Dresden: SLUB; Florence: BCollegio Alle Querce; Genoa: BCollegio Emiliani; New Haven: Yale UL; Novara: BSem vescovile; Pavia: BU; Piacenza: BCom; Trento: Fondazione Biblioteca San Bernardino; Vicenza: BCiv

Total number of copies recorded: 14

Other editions printed in the same year: 1503.

This edition reprinted from Juv059.

Commentaries included in this edition: Joannes Britannicus.

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Printed beyond the Venetian territories where Britannicus’s privilege for the first edition (Juv059) was still in force. The wording of the title page in this edition is clearly the basis for that of the later 1511 edition (Juv079). The Carmen and the colophon wording are copied from the 1501 Britannicus edition (Juv059). Variants in the manner of setting the running titles and the pagination point to three compositorial stints: sigs a–f, g–p1.8, p2–end.