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Juvenal and Persius, with the titles of Guarinus Veronensis

Paris (France): Ulrich Gering and Martin Crantz and Michael Friburger, 1472-08/09;

First Parisian edition of Juvenal

Printed on a one-pull press

Juv005_f-1r_Magdalen.jpg   Juv005_f-61v_Magdalen.jpg   Juv005_f-63r_Magdalen.jpg   Juv005_f-73v_Magdalen.jpg  
Leaves 1r, 61v, 63r, and 73v — from the Magdalen College copy

Full description: Juv005.pdf

Collation: 4° by half sheets and : [1–510 6–712]; 74 leaves (ff. 62 and 74 blank), unnumbered.

Paper: Royal and Chancery (estimated sheet size: 62 x 41 cm and 41 x 31 cm; largest recorded page size: 29 x 19.5 cm).
13.5 edition sheets.

Catchwords and signatures: no catchwords; no signatures.

Selected references: H9674; C3410; BMC viii, 6; A. Claudin, The first Paris press. An account of the books printed for G. Fichet and J. Heynlin in the Sorbonne, 1470–1472 (London: The Bibliographical Society, 1898, no. xvii), pp. 25–27, 65; J. Veyrin-Forrer, ‘Aux origines de l’imprimerie française: l’atelier de la Sorbonne et ses mécènes (1470–1473)’, in La lettre & le texte: trente années de recherches sur l'histoire du livre, Paris, 1987, p. 180; BodInc J-327; ISTC ij00631500; GW M15740; MEI:ij00631500

Copies seen: London: British Library; Manchester: JRyUL; Oxford: Bodleian; Oxford: Magdalen College

Other copies recorded: Avignon: BM; Basel: UB; Chantilly: Musée Condé; Copenhagen: KB; Fulda: HLB; Zagreb: Metropol

Total number of copies recorded: 10

Other editions printed in the same year: 1472.

Other authors contained in this edition: Persius.

Authors of preliminary and other ancillary matter: Erhard Windsberg; Guarinus Veronensis.

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