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A wiki of editions of Juvenal published in Europe up to the year 1600

David Shaw


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Juvenal, with the commentaries of D. Calderinus, G. Merula and G. Valla


Venice (Italy): Simon Bevilaqua, 1496–1497?

First edition with the commentary of G. Merula

120pJuv047_tp_BSB.jpg   120pJuv047_aa1r_BSB.jpg   120pJuv047_colophon_BSB.jpg
title page, aa1r, colophon — from the digitised BSB copy

Full description: Juv047.pdf

Collation: : [[AA4, aa–zz6 &&4]]; 146 leaves, unnumbered.

Paper: Super-chancery (estimated sheet size: 45 x 33.5 cm; largest recorded page size: 31.5 x 21.5 cm).
73 edition sheets.

Catchwords and signatures: no catchwords; signed $–$ iii.

Selected references: HC9712; BMC v, 521; Goff J665; [[BSBInk I-692]]; [[BodInc J-318]]; [[GW M15767]]; [[ISTC ij00665000]]; [[MEI:ij00665000]]

Copies seen: Durham: UL; London: British Library; Oxford: Bodleian; Oxford: Magdalen College

Other copies recorded: Allendale (MI): Grand Valley State UL; Athens: NL; Baltimore (MD): Johns Hopkins UL; Baltimore (MD): Walters Art Gallery; Bergamo: BCiv; Bielefeld: RatsGym; Bologna: Archiginnasio; Bolzano-Gries: Ben; Budapest: Acad; Cambridge: Clare College; Cambridge: UL; Cambridge (MA): Harvard UL; Cologne: USB; Copenhagen: KB (2 copies); Ferrara: BCom (2 copies); Florence: BLaurenziana; Florence: BRidolfi; Genoa: BU; Göttweig: Benediktiner; Grosseto: BC; Leeuwarden: Buma Bibliotheek; Leiden: UL; Leipzig: UB; Linköping: StB (2 copies); Longleat; Los Angeles: UCLA; Macerata: BCom; Manchester: JRyUL; Mantua: BCom; Milan: BN Braidense; Montepulciano: BCom; Moscow: SL (2 Dresden copies); Munich: BSB (4 copies); Munich: UB; Neuburg an der Donau: SB; New Haven: Yale UL; New York: Columbia UL; New York: Collection of the late Phyllis and John Gordan; Oxford: St John's College; Padua: BU; Palermo: BComunale; Palermo: BRegionale; Pamplona: Seminario Conciliar Diocesano de San Miguel; Prague: NL; Reggio Emilia: BCom; Rome: BCasanatense; Rome: BNC; Rothenburg: StArch; Sahuarita (AZ): Robin Satinsky; San Marino (CA): Huntington Library; Saragossa: BCap; Schwaz: Franziskaner; Spoleto: BCom; St Gallen: KB; St Petersburg: NLR (2 copies); Stockholm: KB; Strasbourg: BNU; Uppsala: UB; Urbana (IL): Illinois UL; Vatican; Venice: Sem; Verona: BCiv; Vienna: NB (2 copies); Wiener Neustadt: Neukloster; Zerbst: GymFrancisceum; Zürich: ZB

Total number of copies recorded: 78

Digitised copies: Gallica: http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k59389k.r=juvenal.langFR;
BSB: http://nbn-resolving.de/urn/resolver.pl?urn=urn:nbn:de:bvb:12-bsb00054887-9

Other editions printed in the same year: 1496-1497.

This edition reprinted from Juv042.

Commentaries included in this edition: D. Calderinus; G. Valla; G. Merula.

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