Juv048 : Zwolle, Tyman Petrus van Os?, 1496–1497?

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David Shaw


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Juvenal, with a poem by Hermannus Buschius and the Argumenta of Antonius Mancinellus

Zwolle (Netherlands): Tyman Petrus van Os, 1496-1497

Only complete edition of Juvenal printed in Zwolle

First edition with the verses of Hermann van der Busche

Juv048_tp_Leiden.jpg   Juv048_a1v_Leiden.jpg   Juv048_a2r_Leiden.jpg  
title page, a1v, a2r — from xeroxes from Leiden UL

Download full description (PDF): Juv048.pdf

Collation: : a–f A–H; 70 leaves, unnumbered (f.70 blank?).

Paper: Chancery (estimated sheet size: 43 x 28 cm; largest recorded page size: 18.5 x 12.5 cm).
17.5 edition sheets.

Catchwords and signatures: no catchwords; .

Selected references: HC9664; Campbell 1056; Van Thienen and Goldfinch, Incunabula printed in the Low Countries, no. 1375; Van Thienen, Incunabula in Dutch Libraries, no. 2831; GW M15825; ISTC ij00629500

Copies seen: none.

Other copies recorded: Leiden: UL

Total number of copies recorded: 1

Other editions printed in the same year: 1496-1497.

Authors of preliminary and other ancillary matter: Hermannus Buschius; Antonius Mancinellus.

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