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David Shaw


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Juvenal, with the commentary of Joannes Britannicus, and the Carmen of Pamphilus Saxus

Brescia (Italy): Angelus Britannicus and Jacobus Britannicus, 1501

First edition with Britannicus’s commentary

Juv059_tp_Rome-BNC.jpg   Juv059_Sat1_Rome-BNC.jpg   Juv059_colophon_Rome-BNC.jpg  
Title page, start of Satire I, and colophon from digitised copy at Rome, BNC

Full description: Juv059.pdf

Collation: : A6 a–g8 h10 i6 k–m8 n6 o–q8 r–s6; 144 leaves, ff. [6] [I–III] IIII–V [VI–VIII] ix–xvi XVII–XXIIII xxv–lxxii LXXIII–LXXXVIII lxxxix–lxxxxvi XCVII–CXXXVIII..

Paper: Super-chancery (estimated sheet size: 45 x 32.5 cm; largest recorded page size: 30.5 x 21.5 cm).
72 edition sheets.

Catchwords and signatures: no catchwords; signed $–$ iiii.

Selected references: Isaac 13857; Adams J749; D. J. Shaw, ‘The Brescia press of J. and A. Britannicus and their Juvenal of 1501’, Gutenberg Jahrbuch, 1971; GW M15673; ISTC ij00666500; EDIT16 23229; USTC 993718; MEI:ij00666500

Copies seen: Cambridge: UL; London: British Library; Philadelphia (PA): Univ of Pennsylvania

Other copies recorded: Alessandria: BCiv; Barcelona: UB; Bergamo: BCiv; Berlin: SB; Brescia: BQuerini (4 copies); Cambridge: Jesus College; Cambridge (MA): Harvard UL; Cambridge (MA): Harvard UL; Cambridge (MA): Harvard UL; Cesena: BCom; Chatsworth; Cremona: BStatale; Erfurt: UFB; Feltre: BSeminario Vescovile; Ferrara: BCom; Florence: BNC; Florence: BNC; Genoa: BIstituto Calasanzio; Innsbruck: UB; Jena: ULB; Leiden: UL; Leipzig: UB; Lonato del Garda: Fondazione Da Como; Los Angeles: UCLA; Madrid: BNE; Massa Lombarda: BCom; Milan: BCom; Milan: BFrancescano-Capucina Provinciale; Milan: BN Braidense; Munich: BSB; Naples: BN; Oldenburg: LB; Olomouc: VKn; Ottobeuren: Alte Bibliothek der Abtei; Padua: BU (2 copies); Palazzolo sull'Oglio: BCom; Paris: Arsenal; Piacenza: BCom; Reggio Emilia: BCom; Rome: BNC; Rome: BVallicelliana; Siena: BCom; Turin: Biblioteca dell'Istituto sociale dei padri gesuiti; Urbana (IL): Illinois UL; Venice: BMarciana; Venice: BQuerini Stampalia; Vercelli: BCiv; Vienna: NB

Total number of copies recorded: 56

Digitised copies: Rome, BNC:;
Jena: http://archive.thulb.uni-jena.de/hisbest/rsc/viewer/HisBest_derivate_00005389/BE_1328_0357.tif;
Florence, BNC: http://teca.bncf.firenze.sbn.it/ImageViewer/servlet/ImageViewer?idr=BNCF0003079744#page/1/mode/1up

Other editions printed in the same year: 1501.

Commentaries included in this edition: Joannes Britannicus.

Authors of preliminary and other ancillary matter: Pamphilus Saxus.

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