Juv113 : Paris, Pierre Vidoue, 1528

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A wiki of editions of Juvenal published in Europe up to the year 1600

David Shaw


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Juvenal and Persius, with preliminary material from Aldus, Calderinus and Mancinellus


Paris (France): Pierre Vidoue, 1528
120pJuv113_tp_DJS.jpg   120pJuv113_a2v_DJS.jpg   120pJuv113_Persius-tp_DJS.jpg   120pJuv113_g5v_DJS.jpg
title pages, start and end of text — from a private copy

Full description: Juv113.pdf

Collation: 24°: [[a–f12 g6; 2a12 b6]]; [[96 leaves (g6 and 2b6 missing, blank?), ff. [1–2] 3–76 [2], [18].]].

Paper: Super-chancery (estimated sheet size: 46 x 33 cm; largest recorded page size: 09.5 x 04.5 cm).
4 edition sheets.

Catchwords and signatures: leaf catchwords on $4, $6, $8, $12; signed $–$ vj.

Selected references: ''Inventaire chronologique'' 1528, no. 1534; D. J. Shaw, GbJb 1974; USTC 184793.

Copies seen: Private collection

Total number of copies recorded: 1

Other editions printed in the same year: 1528.

Other authors contained in this edition: Persius.

Authors of preliminary and other ancillary matter: Aldus Manutius; Domitius Calderinus; Antonius Mancinellus.

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