Juv117 : Cracow, Matthew Scharffenbergk, for Mark Scharffenbergk, 26 May 1529

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A wiki of editions of Juvenal published in Europe up to the year 1600

David Shaw


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Juvenal, with the notes of the 1524 Curio edition, and additional material by M. Benedictus, Joseph Struth, Michael Wrancich and Franciszek Mymer


Cracow (Poland): Matthew Scharffenbergk, for Mark Scharffenbergk, 1529-05-26

Only edition of Juvenal printed in Cracow

Title page — from the Budapest copy

Full description: Juv117.pdf

Collation: : [[A–K8 L12]]; [[92 leaves, numbered.[1] 2–91 [1], final leaf blank]].

Paper: Narrow median (estimated sheet size: 44 x 34 cm; largest recorded page size: 15 x 10 cm).
11.5 edition sheets.

Catchwords and signatures: no catchwords; signed $–$iiij.

Selected references: Panzer, vi, 472, no. 201; K. Estreicher, ''Bibliographia Polska'', 1899, xviii, p. 694; [[USTC 240021]]

Copies seen: Budapest: NSL; Uppsala: UB

Other copies recorded: Cracow: BJagiell; Göttingen: SUB; Mannheim: UB; New Haven: Yale UL; Zagreb: NL

Total number of copies recorded: 7

Other editions printed in the same year: 1529.

Authors of preliminary and other ancillary matter: M. Benedictus; Joseph Struth; Michael Wrancich; Franciszek Mymer.

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