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David Shaw


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Juvenal, Spanish translation of Satire X by Geronimo de Villegas

Burgos (Spain): Fadrique Alemán de Basilea, 1515
Juv~Trans02_tp_BNE.jpg   Juv~Trans02_Q1v_BNE.jpg   Juv~Trans02_colophon_BNE.jpg  
Title page, Q1v, colophon — from a digitised copy at Madrid, BNE

Download full description (PDF): Juv~Trans02.pdf

Collation: : (8 a–z & ʔ A–O8 P–Q6; 342 leaves unnumbered.

Paper: Super-chancery (estimated sheet size: 44 x 32.5 cm; largest recorded page size: 30.5 x 21 cm)..

Catchwords and signatures: no catchwords; signed $–$ v.

Selected references: Adams D115; Fernández Valladares, Burgos, no. 60; Index Aureliensis, no. 149826; Norton, no. 275; Martín Abad, Post-Incunables, no. 28; USTC 334204

Copies seen: Cambridge: UL; London: British Library; London: British Library; Manchester: JRyUL; Paris: BNF; New York: Morgan Library; Princeton (NJ): UL

Other copies recorded: Barcelona: BU; Barcelona: B de Catalunya; Berkeley (CA): UC Berkeley Library; Boston (MA): PL; Burgos: BPublica; Cambridge (MA): Harvard UL; Cambridge (MA): Harvard UL; Ithaca (NY): Cornell UL; León: BPub; Lisbon: BN (3 copies); Lisbon: Ajuda; Madrid: BPalacio Real; Madrid: BNE (8 copies); Madrid: BU Complutense; Madrid: Museo Lazaro Galdiano; Madrid: Real Academia de la Historia; Madrid: BSenato; Milan: BTrivulziana; Munich: BSB; New Haven: Yale UL; New York: Hispanic Society; Oxford: Bodleian; Paris: Arsenal; Porto: BPublica; Rome: BFondazione Marco Besso; Santander: BMenendez y Pelayo; Santiago de Compostela: BU; Toledo: B de Castilla-La Mancha; Valencia: BU (2 copies); Valladolid: BU; Vienna: NB

Total number of copies recorded: 49

Digitised copies: Madrid, BNE: http://bdh-rd.bne.es/viewer.vm?id=0000015671

Other editions printed in the same year: 1515.

Other authors contained in this edition: Dante.

The translator of this edition: Geronimo de Villegas.

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